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The Light of Mine Unit Study was developed for the first book in the Towers of Light series, a Christian fantasy adventure for middle-grade readers. It combines Biblical values and educational activities in four weeks of supplemental curriculum. Story passages, chapter assignments, activities, and thoughtful questions foster Biblical discussion while exercising reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Vocabulary exercises and puzzles expand students' vocabulary and provide an opportunity for students to use their reference skills while also exercising their critical thinking skills. Memory verse copy work helps students learn scripture as they practice their handwriting. And coloring sheets offer a fun opportunity for creative expression.

Kit #1:  Self-Esteem
Kit #2:  Emotions (Problems, Worries & Empathy)
Kit #3:  Emotions (Moods and Anger)
Kit #4:  Perseverance
Kit #5: Persistence
Kit #6:  STEM – Measuring
Kit #7:  STEM – Shapes
Kit #8: STEM – Counting
Kit #9: STEM – Patterns
Kit #10: STEM – Nature

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The Reimagining School Readiness Kits were created to help families prepare children ages 0 to 8 for success in school and in life. Reimagining School Readiness focuses on key aspects of development: quality adult-child interactions, social skills, math and science learning, executive functions, stress, and growth mindset.

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