Winfield Public Library

more than just books...

Want a library card? See if you qualify for a FREE card!


We have many books, newspapers, microfilm, and equipment to view and print copies of microfilm. Click here to see some of our collection.

If you need assistance with genealogy research, have some questions, need us to find a newspaper or obituary, etc. please do not hesitate to call and ask! We can do some research for you and email the results. We cannot complete any extensive research and will let you know if we can help with your research needs!

Lost your library card?

That's okay! You can pay a $2.00 replacement fee and get a new card. You may be asked to show proof of identification and address.


We offer laminating services. Prices may vary depending on size of item being laminated. Please call for more information.

Inter-library Loans

Can't find the book you're looking for? Ask us about inter-library loans! We can request books from libraries all over the country and put them in your hands FOR FREE. We'll give you a call when your items are in. You can only request two items at a time. If you fail to pick up your inter-library loans, you may be charged for shipping and might be denied further access to this service. 

Our Collection

In our collection we have books, large print books, magazines, movies, documentaries, TV series, audiobooks, CDs, newspapers, and reference books. To browse our collection click here.

We have paperback books for check out that do not require a library card and a sale shelf containing books for adults, teens, kids, and large print readers, self-help books, cookbooks, audiobooks, CDs, movies, and TV series. 


Through Libby, an app you can download on your phone or tablet, you can check out ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, and more for FREE. All you have to do is call or come in to be registered. You must have a library card to be able to access this service. 

ALL library card application requirements:

1.) You must be at least 5 years of age. Patrons under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian's signature to receive a card.

2.) Identification is required. You will need a current Alabama driver's license, a military ID or another Alabama government-issued photo ID. Parents or guardians will be required to bring a current Alabama ID when applying for a juvenile card.

3.) We need proof of address in the form of mail. This will be a bill, legal documents, check stubs, etc. that has been received within the past 30 days and will have YOUR name on it. You will need to have the envelope it was mailed in. Parents/guardians will need to bring proof of address for juvenile cards. NO JUNK MAIL.

Notary Service

We offer FREE notary services. Please call ahead to confirm availability. 

Printing & Copies

You can print wirelessly from your phone, or you can register to use our computers.

Black and white: 25 cents per page

Color: 75 cents per page

Double-sided printing will be charged as two pages. 

Don't meet the requirements for a FREE card?

That's okay! You can still apply for a library card. You will need to pay an out of county fee. One adult card is $25 per year, one adult card + one juvenile card is $25 per year, and households with more than one adult and one juvenile card will need to pay $50 per year.

Scan & Email

We can scan any copies or identification and email them to a specific address. This service is FREE!


We can help you find articles online or books that fit your needs. Have a huge paper coming up that you need sources for? Ask us! If you need help finding any information on the internet, you can call with your request and we can email or print the results! You can also ask in person, but it might take some time for a staff member to find what you are needing. 


We have desktop computers and curbside laptops. In order to use our computers, you will need to be registered. You must produce a current ID in the form of a driver's license or government-issued non-driver ID. You can use a current driver's license from any state to use this service. When you register, you're agreeing to our wireless policy which is on this website and will be shown to you at time of registration. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign responsibility. Children under 12 years of age must have a parent or guardian present to access the internet. Computer users must be at least 10 years of age.

Computer use is currently limited to thirty minutes per patron per state and CDC recommendations. You will be asked to leave after your thirty minutes are up.

Curbside laptops can be used in the parking lot. You will be asked to surrender your driver's license before borrowing a laptop.

All patrons must be in good standing and pay all fines to be able to use this service.


We can send and receive faxes. Our fax line is 205-487-5146. Incoming faxes are $1.00 per page.

Outgoing local faxes and toll-free: $1.00 per page. Local fax numbers begin with 921, 487, 468, & 465.

Outgoing long-distance faxes: $2.00 for first page and $1.00 per page after.

FREE card requirements:

1.) You live in Marion County.

2.) You live in Winfield city limits.

3.) You work in Winfield.

4.) You or your children go to school in Winfield or Hubbertville.

5.) College students can apply for a free card if their parents live in Winfield.